Mind posting/reading

This new Mindmeister feature looks interesting:

Except for two things:

  • It will create a bucketload of ‘Tourettists’ at all sorts of public venues (coffee shops, terraces, the beach, side walks, etc.) when all sorts of, mostly, self-inflated hipsterlaggerds start recording their every doodle out loud instead of just clicketing it to Kik / Tele- / Instagram / WeChat / Line / Viber / Wicker / Threema / surespot et al. Yapping out somewhat loud will be even more annoying…
  • Who reads your doodles at the back side ..? Yes this is already an issue with like programs, in particular if (not when) one would use them to sketch outlines and content ideas for concepts / posts / columns / articles / books that might be construed to reflect a societal(ly -) or political(ly less wanted) opinion of sorts.
    Already now, of course, who reads what you’re working on, even when stored off-line ..? But this will become an even greater issue when even the slightest of your mind’s burps might get captured immediately by your own doing.
    How far till this turns into actual mind reading?
    Would someone (AI (yes, being someone), or human if you’re still in old school thinking mode) be able to immediately present you with position-changing tweets etc.?

Well, we’ll see… Singularity, here we come! We want you! After that, we’re done.

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