Nog een / One more on audit culture

U zult weinig genoegen scheppen in zang, dans of vechtsport als u bij de zang de harmonie van de muziek ontleedt in haar verschillende klanken en u bij iedere toon afvraagt: ben ik hier nu echt van onder de indruk? U zou u voor zoiets schamen. Hetzelfde geldt voor de dans, wanneer u elke beweging en houding apart beoordeelt, en voor de vechtsport.
Which translates to, anachronistically:
A pleasant song or dance; the Pancratiast’s exercise, sports that thou art wont to be much taken with, thou shalt easily contemn; if the harmonious voice thou shalt divide into so many particular sounds whereof it doth consist, and of every one in particular shall ask thyself; whether this or that sound is it, that doth so conquer thee. For thou wilt be ashamed of it. And so for shame, if accordingly thou shalt consider it, every particular motion and posture by itself: and so for the wrestler’s exercise too.

Which in turn brings back the discussions on the auditors being of a stratum or subclass that abhors the Cultural stuff, runs away from the Arts. Contrary, statistically, to e.g., lawyers and notaries-public. This was researched some years/decade back here in NL: auditors don’t read books. Don’t go to theaters. Don’t go to concerts. The bores, the bereft of exposure to the Classics, in classical or latest-modern form. They just don’t delve into anything moral, or consider Advanced Excel the ultimate they’ll go to.

As POTUS of the Western world — military and culturally, not just the latter or, much degrading, economically only — Marcus Aurelius saw it right (yes the above is from his Meditationes, book XI / II): Those that focus only on the analytical, tracing the veracity of the True and Fair View to the detail only and not do (moral/ethical-Value) synthesis, are of an ethically overly impoverished, plebeian folk; worth to be (wage) slaves.
Those, on the contrary, that use the nitty-gritty to arrive at some grand, eloquent plea like lawyers do [should do; ed. – yeah that’s me myself ;-] even when not fully in compliance AAARGGGH! Yes I’ll go rinse my mouth with green soap   with the Original “ISO” standard for that, will see their Virtue strengthen…

Never thought that I’d prefer lawyers over … anything.

But it does also refer back to my post of a couple of weeks ago in which I explained the difference between dispassionate conformity checking and invariable fault finding, the robotic way, versus compassionate improvement-issue formulation and risk-based prioritisation, the nothing-like-robotic way.
Now imagine which side I prefer to be on …

[Ah, Culture and heritage, much over, higher, than mere systems of record; Edinburgh]

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