Power failure after the Singularity

What would happen if, after the Singularity which is Near anyway, there is a massive power failure ..?
Actually, many thing can happen. Unordered list:

  • Depends on the scale of the power outage. Let’s assume a minor one (affecting just one continent) will give Mad Max like breakdowns but in the end only a scar will remain. A medium one (affecting several but not all continents) will, after the same, prolonged, downturn, recover to an amputee or severely set back world. A major one, a power outage everywhere, well …
  • If we’re just past the Big S, we could recover; the Mad max scenario would be to the later movies only not the earlier ones.
  • If we’re already some way into the Nirvana scenario(s) of ASI (see via this post) helping us out in everything, we (the affected) have a Problem as we may not know anymore what and how to do to survive and/or to restore. Old people may remember some things, but maybe (already) incompletely and wrongly (with error). The Old as your BCM plan B. Younger people, will not know a thing. So what the oldies may do (at all) may seem like magic.
  • If we’re already some way into the dystopian scenario(s) of ASI, our demise will be sped up…
  • If we’re already a long way into either scenario, we may collapse as a species (‘locally’ or globally, as we’re a long way in already we’ll be complexily and not-unravellably connected, linked, and intertwined and degenerated through and with / in technology).
  • If we aren’t anymore and the world has just the ASI, no humanoid animals anymore: Either resilience will restore things (possible in the minor scale scenario), or suddenly, the lights will go out globally. No humans, no intelligence, no Hegelian Ratio. Maybe pet animals. You know, cats watching cat pics and videos and not caring about anything else. The horror? Not to them.
  • Just one on likelihood: When ASI takes over, it will assume grandeur and hence not care about BCM / redundant or back-up power supplies as it will presume to be able to predict everything. But a meteorite strike… heh, that‘ll teach it … ;-| Or, of course, the all-too human (sic) hybris will make the Big S not see a systemic flaw.

OK, enough for now:
[Relevant! Analog pic, on ‘film’, you know. And, of a former (!) power station…]

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