Preventing detection

At last, there’s a resurgence of non-preventative infosec (#ditchcyber) efforts. As, e.g., here (in Duts though the orig would be Engrish ..?) and here (a decent one, almost making the right point; co-typical ..? and on second reading, a bit empty of actual actionable advice). Hinting at leaving the Prevention Imperative and refocusing on Resilience.
Because ‘deperimetrisation’ may have clouded the longer-term, more strategic failure of locking oneself in and shooing away the so grossly underestimated enemies by one’s own utterly ridiculous overestimation of … authority, power, capabilities and competences, considered-self-evident importance (quod non…). The dumb not realising how dumb they actually are…

We’ve said this before, over and over again. And we’ll say it again. Because the Laggards (hey remember yesterday’s post?) still haven’t got it, deeply enough into their veins.

But, we have a start of that at last. Why only now? Because even the most conservative (sic) can no longer hold the fort (sic) of box-shipping at all levels? Anyway:
[Rebound into the heavens!]

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