Random Carl on Strategy – I

Since the Internet exploded by the massive amount of requests sent to me [maybe not so much or ‘zero’ counts as such] herewith, in instalments, just some loose ends, parts, of Carl von Clausewitz’ Vom Kriege…:
Alle diese Theorieversuche sind nur in ihrem analytischen Teil als Fortschritte in dem Gebiet der Wahrheit zu betrachten, in dem synthetischen Teil aber, in ihren Vorschriften und Regeln, ganz unbrauchbar. Sie streben nach bestimmten Größen, während im Kriege alles unbestimmt ist und der Kalkül mit lauter veränderlichen Größen gemacht werden mußte. Sie richten die Betrachtung nur auf materielle Größen, während der ganze kriegerische Akt von geistigen Kräften und Wirkungen durchzogen ist. Sie betrachten nur die einseitige Tätigkeit, während der Krieg eine beständige
Wechselwirkung der gegenseitigen ist. Sie schließen das Genie von der Regel aus.

All these attempts at theory are only in their analytical part to be considered as progress in the province of truth; but in their synthetical part, in their precepts and rules, as quite unserviceable. They strive after determinate quantities, whilst in war all is undetermined, and the calculation has always to be made with purely varying quantities. They point the attention only upon material forces, while the whole military action is penetrated throughout by intelligent forces and their effects. They only pay regard to activity on one side, whilst war is a constant state of reciprocal action, the effects of which are mutual.

Which clearly, is Clausewitz’ position on latter-day claims of “AI” (quod non) as revealing some truths or theories that humans were too ignorant to detect; showing that they are statistical artifacts as long as no theory was driving the discovery, by deductive falsification attempts. Let alone that the world changes by the very application of the model…
But then, I might in theory take this too far. [Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, I know for fact that I do; but not as far as your emotions would want so]

That was that. Onto the next itty bitty (incl polka dot) but first this:

[Battle yoga field; Bryant Park NT]

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