Seamless complacency, rise of the crackers

Yes, seamless integration as, e.g., pursued by the likes of Appl, may polish some edges of the roughness of the world. OMG! I have to turn this plug over to make it fit! The horror! Why didn’t someone fix this!?
Such, to be shipped to the battlefields of the Middle East and Africa, traumatised at the bus ride already.

And, the consumerism, the ultimate ideal of marketeers and Silicon Valley alike, will bring both down crashing. Because the ideal of consumerism everywhere, will also, does already also, pervade education, leaving (achieving its goal at) numb drone consumers – that have no means of income as they’re too mediocre at far too low a level to have any differentiating value (of potential (work)); a vicious circle – that will not be able to see value in services offered but moreover are incapable of building the Next Thing of even maintaining the old.

That will be left to
a. The ever shrinking (!) money(sic)-mostupper class. Not true class!
b. Crackers.
a. This of course, till the exponentially spiraling competition of the money hierarchy will result in < 1 slot, in the end.
b. This of course, since there will be renegades, outcasts, that go their own way. And will be legion. As they drop out, are brute- nuclear-force pushed out of the consumerist lowest classes. Suddenly, have to be resourceful – and (t)hence go after the resources… Only outcasts will see the porous base of the systems stack and hack their way into it. Cultural abandonment leading to … this, you know.

Ah, lessons …? Don’t Be Evil, and Be Prepared. To abandon. ..?
Whatever, there’s still:
[Metropolis… La Défense, many years back]

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