Short note: Büro muss sein

Yet again, there was clarification re the demise of organizational culture … into totalitarian bureaucracy, greenwashed in ‘modernity, coolness and hipness’ with some doublespeak / newspeak and beards.(in Dutch >:-|):

Which would be nothing new for you if only you had been reading up on this blog over the past year…

But you didn’t, and maybe I can’t blame you – despite wanting to.
To add to the above, it seems to have escaped many that in the Netherlands, there is no such thing as ‘working’. Oh well, a few underlings do that, apparently. But the masses, and us the elite (quod non), rather dabble in ‘managing’ and ‘leading’ to the extent feasible without being accountable for anything. Because the anything will be failure, and we know that, but just don’t want it to happen on our watch après nous le Déluge. Whereas worker time is preferably continuous without disturbance in particular not with useless meetings, manager time is meetings. Meetings is ‘work’. Hence, to work really hard, one has to meet really hard. All the time. And since there would be a danger in doing anything useful during those meetings, like having accountability shoved onto one, one would rather just demonstrate to be really good at managing, i.e., meeting. Through not doing anything useful in them… A modern manager’s job description is to have meetings, isn’t it ..?

Alas, this will mean totalitarian bureaucracy will reign, where following procedure is far more importanter than doing any work. Meeting procedure in particular.
Whereas we would want:

But as long as the managers have it, rules will rule and being effective is a threat to the status quo that benefits the ones who can only perfect their being bureacrat also to prevent being found out about incompetence to do anything useful. It is just collateral damage that this blocks you from doing the best you can, and also all new flex work from home (Why? Why not a tropical beach?) schemes can not be made to work (sic), as the ones who would let us (not: lead us..!), lose too much by letting us.

This story to be continued…

[Edited to add:

  • BTW 1: Don’t take me for a misanthropist on this issue; I really do expect an Age of Aquarius breakthrough after IoT has delivered the Singularity
  • BTW 2: The above, isn’t new. My brain reminded me of this masterpiece of masterpieces, to be read nay studied in its full, 2-part/volume extent.]

[Edited to add, too, two data points in this here blog post that bear out my idea(s), big if you could call them that.]

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