SPICE things up, maturely

Where just about everyone in my Spheres was busy ‘implementing’ (quod non) all sorts of quality ‘assurance’ or ‘control’ (2x quod non) models, in the background there was quite some development in another, related area that may boomerang back into the limelight, for good reason.
First, this:

The subject of course regards SPICE, or rather the ISO 15504 that it has turned into. Of the Old School of software development quality improvement era. Now transformed into much more…
In particular, there’s Capabilities instead of ‘maturity levels’.

What more can I add ..? Systematic, rigorous, robust, resistant against commercial panhandling. The intricacies … let’s just point to the wiki page again; ’tis clear enough or you need other instruction…

Lemme just close off with asking you for your experiences with this Standard…?

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