Start the Told You So now you still can (?)

Against the trend to dismiss any dystopian view as unduly unoptimistic and hence invalid, that I so dislike..: This here piece by In the Knows.

The Told You So Boys Cried Wolf (lopping two memes into one, in this case appropriately) may better have started now, since they will not be heard (fact about the (near) future) and may not get another opportunity when all the others, the drones, have been subdued by the 0,1%, the AI singularity beast. To put it mildly ;-|

Or, … maybe this time around, some exponential counter force may have come off the ground – not yet into full above-the-radar-floor visibility but still… If ever in history there was a chance to get it (technology) right, it would be now, now that more people are in the middle class (that always takes the beating, apart from the continuous light flogging the underclasses have always got and will always get) and have just the right minimum levels of insight and might care for their future. Unprecedented as an opportunity but hardly assured it’s seized

Anyway…, this:
[Strasbourg, astronomical clock – yes, science within a cathedral]

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