Surprised is no-one

Or should be … About this, being that the Dutch army has been uncapable, in this case of recruiting sufficient staff for its ‘cyber’ force. #ditchcyber, I’d say.
And, the House questions… a diversion. Who expects serious answers that address the root causes ..? Now there’s one for ‘no-one’.

So, root – or any intermediate – causes not being addressed even in the discussions, who expects the problem to not get worse, much worse, before failure can be placed on … others? There’s a second one.
Is there anyone out there that would be able to list, off the cuff, a set of (root/-) causes?

  • Budget. Probably, the ‘experts’ sollicited will encounter ‘serious’ premiums over common rank income brackets, to be as high as… maybe even 20%! W00t! That amounts to still a full 30% of commercial income easily attainable. Certainly for the expertise and experience levels sought. Is there anyone who seriously believes that at such, relative, kindergarten rates any other one would want to work …:
  • Military command structures and career paths one would have to work within. Meh.
  • Means. One will work at the bleeding edge of development of allsorts. Does one get this, or the real thing ..? [Hey that’s our wedding song but that’s something else.] The latter being what one wants … but then would not be allowed b/c it doesn’t go well with the official standards and ordnung muss sein so the toys you need, you will not get. You will get … yesteryears’ / yesterdecades’ stuff. Thinks ’30s Dutch army / air force quality. Or Polish cavalry taking on Tigers with lancers on horseback. All’s fair in war, heroism wins not the day or glory just defeat. Certainly the next one, that will be as remote from mano al mano as one can get.

Case in point: The already-should’ve-been-mundane art of drone airforcing. Does the publick know whether the Dutch Airforce has such a thing, at what size and capabilities, or where and how they’re stationed [some data may vary, after that post of so long ago, but not the essence]? Most probably, the above will trail a decade or more. When the current RNLAF is still exceeding expectations whenever and wherever deployed (also due to these), this may not be the case next time around…

But hey, there’s still:

[Duts Nayvee in Baltimore harbour or is it]

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