Symptoms of Failure

Or, how your average compliance isn’t any good.

Y’all understand that compliance has a purpose. IAOI (this, not this) you comply with Principles. Anything you need as guidance nay hard requirements in detail ‘below’ that, means you have no clue about the principles, and hence cannot comply with them [consciously; but otherwise it’s an unnoticed accidental accordance, happenstance gotten, easily lost]. IAOI you can discourse at the principles’ level of moral reasoning, in your explanations too, do you have a chance of doing it right.

Otherwise, the very penny-wise and pound-foolish compliance with trivial rule’lets will deliver any effort to /dev/null sigh if you need this explanation you’re doomed, squared.
And, if you’re in Compliance (i.e., in Audit – NO if you live in this world, that is not different!) and push for the penny-wise, you are not only part of the problem, but also fighting symptoms not (root) causes — being the malformed morality. The latter like here – hintspoiler it’s about money.

Just read nay study Musil, and Aristotle, plus Power and so many others, and you might just Get It. Oh, [Edited to add post-schedule–pre-post], this story. Worth the somewhat-longread ..!
For the time being, …:

[At the Zuid-As, you’ll fit right in – the picture isn’t edited even, it’s no collage but the original ..!]

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