Books, disrupted ..?

Remember when I posted about the Books business doing quite well, despite having been called to the grave ..? (As here)
Now, this arrived: Audiobooks have begun to outsell print.


Which is a very disinterested Oh. Since, how would you envisage wandering through the pages, your eye being caught by some particular peculiar words ..? How about paging back to a clue you remember to be at about the fifth line top left towards the end of the first chapter?
Yes, reading may change.
Or not. People might still be buying books as they did before. And audio books may be a different thing. Like calling a car engine a liquid fossil fuel using explosion version of a steam engine. But why would you? Why not just think up a completely new category of … ‘narrative audio’ ..?

Then, loosening and losing the idea of a linear text, whole new ways of narrative narration might be possible. Like, this, in not Dutch but English or whatever language, to be ‘read’ in any way/order conceivable … ah, the need for guidance springing up. And the need, probably, for perfectly life-like auto-readers-out-loud not have to have actual humans doing that once and for all.

Well, that’s OK. Who’ll make this all happen? And:
[Books *not* going this way… e‘Burg]

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