Being Creative with Trust in Identities

… seems impossible to get right. Since for sure, Identities that can be Trusted are so stable that all Creativity is impossible ..?

What does society-at-large want? If you think about the bandwidth above: Aristoteles’ true middle..! But would you know where that is, in this? Would it be sufficiently on the Fixed side to be able to be used as trustworthy Identity? Or would it be a matter of good-enough reliability, for the task at hand?
Possibly we should like Activity-Based Access Control to pair to this Task-Sufficient Identification ..?

A lot on this will have to be developed further, I’d say, but this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Plus (skewed ‘horizon’-ID intentional…):
[All the ID theft may not get you here…; Amsterdam]

Is ID you?

[Guess the location]

Your digital ID becomes your pseudo-identity becomes who you are (considered to be), more than your actual you.
Your actual you, your innate identity, the one you discovered when only a couple of years old, will no longer be of interest to the world once your digital identity has all that the world cares about. Then, it can get stolen, lost, manipulated and altered, without you actually needing to notice. But who cares? Your digital ID is, you are just the carbon-based remnants of an outdated world. Just make sure there’s a fallback scenario that you can (or wouldn’t need to) prove you are you, your digital ID isn’t you.
The singularity may do away with you because you only use up scarce resource. You are not productive, your digital identity is. So you should care. Or?

If social media use ‘you’ as a resource, uses your apparent digital ID (ID and all posts, tweets, etc., turned into a persona, sold to all bidders) to operate, can you not deploy some artificial intelligence mechanism to do the socmed postings on your behalf ..? What’s the difference to the socmed companies that not your brain, but an artificial brain is used ..? Or do they already have their own farms of AI personas, to beef up traffic and sellable ‘user’ generated content ..?

Their AI personas may create a world separate from yours, a virtual world where they make money, not needing actual users anymore.
Your personal self may deploy AI to detach from their abusive, you-usurping world.
Case closed?

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