The carrot won’t stick

Almost as an intermission, on my way to a full-length post on behavioral change and InfoSec: A shortie on Compliance.

Having realised that classical compliance is a hygiene thing: Nothing happens, until some factor sinks below the surface / zero; then, all heck breaks loose.
I.e., no carrot, many many sticks. Not your average well-balanced incentive scheme, right?

Classical awareness / behavioral change programs, then. Where only the winner, Employee of the Month, or less, will receive some recognition. Often, recognized among peers and colleagues ‘for being a’. The rest, that tagged along without doing anything particularly bad, or even only just arriving at the #2 spot: Not much, often Nothing.
A tiny carrot, possibly up some unsunshined place or used as pick, and not much by way of sticks.

Where is the scheme with a lot of carrots (but not for all, especially not as guaranteed sign-on bonus…!!) and a few sticks-in-private (as they should be!) …?

Just asking, maybe for an impossible thing but your considerate responses are very much welcomed… and:
DSC_0700 (2)
[‘Dagpauwoog’ i.e., back yard beauty]

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