The CyberDarwins

As we’re nearing the end of the year (Western calendar, others not spoiling the party — learning point), we draw towards the ‘people being stupid with fireworks’ scenes that are oh so similar to ‘people managing systems’ situation. The former, focusing on the most beautiful display and/or the loudest Bang, the latter the same if you think of it.
The former, with latent recognition of ‘safety’ also re bystanders and collateral injuries possibly grave or life-, liberty- and happiness-threatening. The latter, with a desperate few considering ‘security’ and ‘privacy’, a even fewer thinking of collateral damage and implicit injuries and infractions to life, liberty and happiness — if you think that’s overrated, have you ID stolen.

The former has the Darwin Awards, for those that improve the gene pool by taking themselves out of it.
The latter, none such yet.

That’s where I aim:
Shouldn’t we instate the CyberDarwin Awards (acknowledging #ditchcyber), for the most egregious (i.e., outrageous, glaring, flarant) mindlessness in information security in the widest sense that fly in the face of basic common decent thinking?
So that by their occurence, the candidates volunteer to be taken out of the connected environment which, being their oxygen, improves what’s left (the most).

I have no idea how to pull this off; there should be some sort of portal where candidates may be proposed and results be displayed for common laughter but who will build and maintain such a thing before it can become a success, advertisers will flock in droves to sponsor for ads, and I take over again to reap all the financial benefits… #helpappreciated

[This has zero relevance. Toronto]

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