The lion’s share of SOx

Anyone dare to guess whether ‘SOx’ and all the totalitarian-bureaucratic tendencies that still dominate the organizational world of today, over the chaotic-environment-forcing-to-retreat-into-more-sober-flexibility upstarts, is the lion that roars just one last time before being overtaken by younger more vital rivals, or is it a resurgence in greater scope than ever before of some History’s greater trends ..?

This, with of course higher-frequency but (much) smaller-amplitude cycles being layered onto it, producing an apparently random but wavelet-transformation-traceable ordered (or at least, causally correct) pattern — which may or may not have a direction other than zero, through the aeons. Staying far from pretending that humanity by any worthwhile measure is better off than in all previous times, which is very highly doubtful …!

But the first dare is what it’s about, here.
Hope and joy, humanity saved by its own creativity and the inherent dice-throwing of Nature [contra Einstein but that’s not the point here — Wovon mann nicht sprechen kann OR is beyond human comprehension] — XOR — despair and demise. Beyond short-term trends, where are we going?

Your call. In particular in Comments. Plus:
[Suddenly, different. Even when not adapted i.e. ‘shopped. Girona again]

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