Tragic users

Isn’t it a tragedy that those that would most need full but fully inconspicuous, unnoticable security on socmed et al., are the ones that care the least?

This, both in careful scouring of legalese and practical settings, tools, and what have we, and qua effort to keep messaging (Email dies out hard, doesn’t it ..? Or doesn’t it due to very valid reasons..?) secure and data private ..?
On the other hand / end, not all ‘professionals’ practice what they preach to the hilt… And may do too little.
Flip side of “There exists no 100% security”: If you do only a little less, the huge costs aren’t worth it whereas if you do quite a bit less, you’re much more efficient. Hence, even reasoning from the other side, maximum security will leave gaping holes you (sic) will get caught in.

So, all are in an inverse Catch-22 of sorts… [there should be a name for that; suggestions?]

Photo11[The one that checked water temp, wasn’t the one to go swimming…; Cyprus]

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