More of less

Digital cameras: The more pixels and quality-enhancing features (filters, autocorrect et al), the bigger the mass of lousy to so-so-at-best pictures taken. Selfies as case in point. The less, percentage-wise, the real art photography — squared with more picture exposure leads to more seeking out the ultimate quality / qualities by the discerning few.

The same, with management. The more of it we had, since WWII (sic), the more awful to mediocre-at-best management we had. Micro-management as case in point; intellectually at the same depth (‘level’ wouldn’t suggest the lowness of it) as selfies.
And, the less actual Leaders we see, perceive, acknowledge and laude. Unicorns notwithstanding — they may be the very build-up of a bubble that will in the end demonstrate the principle outlined here.

On this cheerful note:Photo10-4[Now there’s quality; near Racine, WI]

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