Upping crypto

Lukewarm protests against Free Crypto, and trawling the oceans completely empty for metadata if not more … Seems like a two-faced two-front ‘battle’ that may even be tiring to uphold (face): Once one is into meta because it gives so much more information (sic) than mere data (content), one would need much less access to actual data, wouldn’t one? And, if then publicly having postured to not be able to break into crypto stuff (where one can with near-certainty break into all stack levels below it, down to the BIOS if not chip level!) almost meaning that for sure one can, why would one push too hard to make it illegal ..?
The only thing one can think of, is that declaring it illegal somehow block another’s access to plausible deniability or to Fifth Amendment claims (that are fundamental for any decent human society). So… that’s what’s going on. …?

And this points to countering TLAs by working with crypto at a higher level; producing encrypted content that looks pretty darn innocuous until decrypted; not seeing scrambled info but at a higher-to-lower-to-transport-and-back-to-higher avenue, transferring Information over seemingly white noise Data signals. Clever… Stego. How’s things on that front (?) ..!?

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