Your life … goner, by AI’s decision

It was a pleasure to read AI’s life predictor service, which is quite the opposite of a predictor test to get into life.
What when you’re supposed to live (or, let’s say, be alive, in a narrower sense) for a long while still but you encounter a ‘self-driving’ car in Arizona ..? Will there be an AI system that can resurrect you? If so, why not employ/deploy that first ..?
What when you’ve managed to live beyond the predicted age ..? Will AI be powerful enough already to make good on its own predictions ..? E.g., through the steering and commandeering of such a human-disabled car…

Good luck by the way with training the system. Survivorship bias in your training set, takes on a somewhat sinisterly literal meaning. How to undo this in the training data, and/or how to correct for future ‘car’-type accidents where we have no clue about the unknown unknown new technology that may alter the possibilities of encountering such tech …? Oh yeah, ‘the future is uncertain so we cannot guarantee any validity of predictions’… Nice disclaimer-try but it makes the whole exercise futile from the word Go. Hence wasteful, qua energy hence immoral.

Edited to add, already pre-pub …: This, on how atrociously-bad snake oil most AI is …

Now then:

[Maybe AI can predict what sort of monument you will have preferred; London]

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