A dent in Dystopia (U~, too)

One part missing with all sorts of Visions for our future: What happen, to the past ..? Since we seem to value the past of today, most rightly, and will do for some time to come – we’ll have to find a way to accommodate for it in our visions for our future.
Yes, that link is to libraries. As we value the old stuff called Books. As a squared example. Whereas all the utopian visions don’t have such artefacts as if at some point, we’d all be happy with a clean slate completely overhauled redesigned world. It would be utter poverty, of cherished stuff and of mind. Shallows.
And the same, for the dystopians; as if the sun wouldn’t shine anywhere.


’nuff said.

Or… ? If the picture will not be that perfect, either way, don’t we run the danger of sliding into such a nightmare vision (either way) without noticing it ..?

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