This might be a signal.
When reading up on mr. S. Godin’s blog (hah, does anyone call him that, these days?), I realised when reading this post that not only can anchoring sink you, it may also be a major contribution to groupthink and subservience to bureaucracy, which seems to be two facets of the same thing. Being, that the anchoring that the group process produces either by clinging to the most-anxiety-reducing interpretation of the opinion of the perceived Leader [with all the side notes of the duce only presenting him(sic)self as such, empty barrel and all] or by averaging out all peculiars and hence reaching an anchor point of political position — reminiscent of Ortega y Gasset style Masses.

On the flip side, this points to what it takes to be a great consultant indeed, as Godin pointed out: addressing the groupthink narrow-mindedness by revisiting the vastly wider potential scope of possibilities and options than can be seen by looking back too little. This might have been the edge that e.g., a McKinsey had — haven’t heard too much from them, the last decade; are they still around, shrunk or not?
So, to be a better advisor, by all means search back for the greenfields from which current ‘opinions’ evolved and take a fresh restart of evolution from there. Also, be a maverick. As I am, qua risk consultancy/management/audit. Hence the signal to hire.

[Obvious shape, for a library ..? La Défense again]

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