Disruption, -parity

Just wondering: How’s the disruption in your ICT coming along ..?

Seriously; hardly at all ..!?

Join the club. Of almost all. Public, private, large, small; all organisations suffer your fate of [barely; outdated browser] being able to read all about the Great New stuff that’s out there, but seeing nothing of it in your daily work. Strange, eh?
Or is it again the short-term impact being overestimated until it’s “too” “late” to join in, for most orgs ..? Because the real talent, the people that actually want something out of life either with, through your org or without it, elsewhere, will have gone to that elsewhere with all their motivation, and you’re left with the dull, exhausted, numbed-by-the-avalanche-of-downsizing-rounds petrified staff [you deserve, if you don’t pay attention]?

So, be positive; hunt for the opportunities and push your people to do the same! While also bulldozering through the roadblocks, often (middle? elsewhere too?) management having been trained to the hilt with objection finding, -raising stamina to defend the stasis quo [intended]. Close the gap, from veering into nothingness off the path of innovators, to return to lead at the head.

Oh well; for now:
[Needs serious renewal above the shoulders; DC]

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