I am not me. Myself: nope, neither.

Now that infosec has become to lean so much on the People side of things – as in theory all things Tech have been solved, for decades already just not implemented to any degree of seriousness..! and ‘process’ having been exposed as utter nonsense ‘management’ babble – it is strange to see that psychology hasn’t come to the fore much, much more. Even when pundits and others, and the minions like Yours Truly even, have posted over and over again that no tech system however perfect can stand the assault of through, e.g., casual negligence and unattentive error let alone gullibility and other vices.

E.g., in the area of IAM. Where I, the construct, the behind-the-persona ego I recognise as such, is constantly changing. In my case, developing fast, forward, up. In your case… well, let’s be nice to one another so I’ll remain silent.
And all sorts of avatars are developing as substitute for you and me within systems. See, with AI mushrooming lately, avatar ‘development’ may quite easily, soon, surpass ‘you’ in being ..?

Back to the story line: It’s just not userIDs anymore; context-aware and -inclusive, capability- and rights-attached constructs they are, and integrating with the Avatar Movement (Rise of the Machines, yes) to morph into actual beings that might soon pass Turing for comparability to/with humanoid identities. We’ll be on equal footing, then, or soon after, bland dumbed-down versions of personas/egos.

But How Is This Relevant … Ah, the clue of today’s post: Because social engineering, phishing etc. play on the weaknesses of humans to be able to impersonate. So, either stop the weaknesses (as vulnerabilities; eternally impossible) logical-OR stop the impersonation (the assumption of avatars/personas by attackers; taking down their masks). The latter, by at least being aware that the avatar, the persona, isn’t the actual person. How to get that into systems, and at the same time recognising ‘actual’ avatars/personas i.e., the link between those and the right real persons behind the masks even when considering through human weakness the persona has been ‘compromised’ …? That will solve so many infosec troubles…
But heyhey, I don’t have a clue like you do. Or do you ..? Very much would like to hear ..!

[Edited to add before publishing: Hold Press; include this on behavioural stuff]

[“Riga”..? Aptly French?]

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