ePriv heating up

Just for the record; you noticed how things are heating up regarding the ePrivacy Directive forthcoming ..?

No wonder. Where GDPR was just a consolidation of existing rules and regulations and shouldn’t have had too much impact anywhere apart from the SOx-style totalitarian bureaucratic paperwork requirements (or you had a backlog on perfectly reasonable information security already, the resolution of which may have been pushed by GDPR but wasn’t anything new due to it) OR, if you have been made to believe otherwise, you can get your money back from your ‘consultants’ due to wrong advice and yes this sentence is getting quite long.
This ePrivacy thing however will cost some businesses (certainly not all) some of their business. By clipping the morally unjust parts of data usage; long overdue anyway.

My only surprise is that the current protests by parti pris lobbyists (for the wrong cause) took so long after 25 May 2018 to pick up steam.
We’ll see.

And, of course, ..:

[For no apparent reason whatsoever; Ronchamps]

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