Friday’s Sobering Thoughts Part n – The Colbys

If you know what the title refers to, you have my sympathy.

Was thinking: Under (sic) the GDPR, just any EU country can have their DPA issue opinions (‘guidelines’ – you know how they go) at will, regarding clarification of apparently foggy GDPR clauses or constructs. These are then communicated EU-wide, and in the level-playing-field spirit, taken as serious advice for ‘local’ DPAs to be adopted (or face later complaints…).

This sometimes goes right, sometimes not so much.
Point is; these things get taken as authoritative (try fighting DPAs through the courts; all will be long dead economically before any conclusion would be reached) – all across the EU but those ‘local’ DPAs don’t have much jurisdiction there. Like, none. Or sovereignty has been abandoned.

Or will any DPA go as far as stating that some of their colleague’s guidance was in error, or will not be adopted, opening up the avenue for claims (non-level playing field), etc. …!?
Think again. Your thoughts, please…


[Or we’ll have to sail to other shores, then… As if privvezee is such an issue there.]

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