Full cite of important stuff

This being a complete citation of important stuff, on various subjects in one – meaning, that the brillantly brief once more applies to various trades and aspects, for your information:
With the sound off or on?
If you watch a well-directed film with the sound turned off, you’ll get a lot out of it. On the other hand, it takes practice to read a screenplay and truly understand it.
It’s worth remembering that we lived in tribes for millennia, long before we learned how to speak. Emotional connection is our default. We only added words and symbolic logic much later.
There are a few places where all that matters is the words. Where the force of logic is sufficient to change the moment.
The rest of the time, which is almost all the time, the real issues are trust, status, culture, pheromones, peer pressure, urgency and the energy in the room.
It probably pays to know which kind of discussion you’re having.

By Seth Godin, as you may have derived from the style and profundity. (As per here, which is literally the same text – told you so – but also add the Head to your daily reading list! [Noticed that Head thing, intended to refer to a List structure, is a pun when you see the image to click on his blog…].)

Which all relates to a. Privacy [yes it does, just think it through] and b. your IAM ideas, ever in renewal since … decades; plus c. the ‘GRC’ eager beavers — that at last are pushed back, softly and hardly noticably, by counterforces-undetermined that want their space to innovate back. And d. <fill in yourself and colour the pictures>.

Oh, and:
[Marketing -, or was it Design, Department at some Toronto institute]

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