Golden Oldie Pic Of The Day

Just like that, as you’ve become to know ’em:
Of course, contra all these ‘tests’ (quod non) of ‘intelligence’ (quod non) on, e.g., LinkedIn. Because they’re so trolling’ly playing on the gullibility of viewers for Order. That there may not be. Similar to the above, in numerical form most sequences are just (usually, strictly) monotonically increasing, sometimes decreasing – less often so, as the intuitive approach of zero may remind some of Bottom too much, hence too frightening, to consider negative numbers: Even the restriction to (almost always strictly positive, or plain positive) Natural numbers is just an implicit assumption – why wouldn’t rational, real or even complex numbers do ..?
And where all these assumptions are implicit, they can NOT apply. Only the sequence definitions that are explicit, are valid. The rest are thought into it, and hence have no value. ‘Intelligence’ is not seeing patterns that happen to appear non-random …!

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