Health advice (intermezzo)

“It’s well-known that wine is in fact a medicine. It’s packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and all sorts of trace elements. Red wine even more so. All very good for you. Essential. Wine is better for you than even chocolate. Of course, if you opt for the wine/chocolate combo then it’s practically the same as going to a health spa.”

Edited version as found in a relevant but oddly pear shaped theme textbook.

Of course, we support your health, with this advice, and with the advice to drink in moderation. Sip-and-taste about one eight’ glasses, times eight different wines side by side, and you’ll be all the richer in the above [scientifically proven: one glass of wine a day is much healthier than not drinking at all!], and have a joyful time, and learn and improve your discernment qua the good things in life. Triple whammie.

Oh, and:

[Possibly (!), good wine (BC) may be on the menu here. Otherwise, enjoy anyway; Longhorn Saloon, Whistler – yeah, 2002 analog pic…]

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