I can see your pulse

Just to drop a note; that Big G’s Glass is still around — but the same may, on a comparative after-launch timescale (sic), possibly not be said about Big A’s Watch.
Come to think of it… Watch isn’t what it’s made for; ‘flix on your wrist would be a hard view. More like Big B-rother watching your intimate (sic) health data…

— As an intermission, this (esp. 0:00-0:11 and 2:45—) deserves many more clicks —

But as said, some competitor is still larger in pulse-racked computing, at least (without having the energy to google for actual data) when it comes to visibility and leadership of the pack.
So, let’s wait and see what v2.0 Big G will come up with next. Maybe there’s a real serious and immediately obviously useful tool lurking just around the corner, just out of sight, not out of pulse. Not like, the iProducts that started as massively dumbed-down versions of stuff already around, with a Braun rip-off design.

Oh well, never take one’s point too far so I’ll stop already. Plus:
[Warped real life imitation, not usurpation]

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