Infosec: outside in / inside out

One of those “When they speak, others listen” has a say on the future of infosec.
Dr. C. Dr.ow at it again.
First, a picture for your viewing delight:
[Private enjoyment for the general (not.)]

Which points at the other of two major approaches to get better information security throughout society. Not, by expecting Every Man to do His Duty, or by “Ik val aan, volgt mij” (the hero here), getting better security in a piecemeal way by (having to) upgrading each and every foot soldier read Internet user every time again through labourious exercise.
But by instating societal institutions that govern infosec for us. And then I thought that CD wasn’t a fan of governments…

Nevertheless, interesting. In particular, if some form of transparency could create True Democracy in this field. Which I doubt. But again, nevetheless interesting.

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