Knitting against Cyberrrr…

This here piece, being the explanation why hiding in plain sight beats overtly-crypto tools. Quite enough said, right, apart from the note that the solution is a form of arms’ race flipping, as predicted. Would only wonder (again) how many cat pics out there, have stego messages, and how many TLAs are constantly scanning all Pinterest- and others- uploaded pics for nefarious content. Where the sheer volume created by innocent users, helps the bad guys (girls…!) to escape (timely) detection, or what?

Maybe sometimes human interaction can still help, like with this. Of quite another category but deserving massive global support nevertheless. Can ABC’s and Facebk’s image recognition engines be sollicited, or are we looking at the hardest pics still eluding the strongest AI-yet ..?

Back to knitting-style help it is … And:

[If you recognise this’ your country, you just got an interesting PM story… (truly congrats)]

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