Let’s celebrate (with) a contest for the dumbest security

On this celebration day (for me/us), let’s instate an annual contest — over the most precise prediction of the dumbest information security breach of the upcoming year.
So, the following:

  • Your prediction, storified (½ – 1 page, at most slightly formatted);
  • Realistic, i.e., a combination of dumb and dumber, and stupid and worse, of (non)actions and responses, on the attack and ‘defense’ sides. Realistic, but keep it realistic…;
  • Hence, do include lots of cyberhere, cyberthere, cybereverywhere and only a little bit of #ditchcyber …;
  • Deadline: 1 January 2016;
  • The predictive element means that no sign of the thing actually occuring yet, may be found in the (whatever medium) press already;
  • Prize… ah, there you go. I’ll try to figure out a way to ship a bottle of the finest champagne to the winner;
  • No discussions about my judgement.

Well, off for now. Have fun:
[Shaky ground (huh, just photographer’s lack of proper alignment due to hurry);
 somewhat relevant, in the opposite (of today)]

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