The First Digital Native

(S)he has been identified: The first Digital Native, as far as we know: of this planet.
And it goes by the name of … Watson.

Though of course the debate over the term, its definition, and generation identification has been a decade and a half, and some have cleverly found that maybe humans weren’t into it that much anyway. And, in Dutch: this. How millennials aren’t tech savvy, they’re (just, only) tech-dependent: slaves. Pervasively.
But let’s be real: How to be born is what counts, not in which environment. So, what ‘intelligent‘ Thing out there was Born Digital, in a way that all context was and is digital, nothing less ..? Should be a thing that came into being, grew up, was educated, raised, utterly digital. There: Watson.

If that really is one Thing. Or is it a thought complex already, spawning into all directions without needing to resort to some singular (heh) physical identity ..? I guess the latter. The singularity is here already; straight away cleverly, slyly not revealing itself…

[Bit dark and tilted [unedited]. Never mind; be dazzled …]

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