Meddle Managers

OK, an integration of very old material with some new stuff:
The things from the past being about how, in frequent swirls of comments and rants against ‘middle’ managers, there were two responses from my side: 1. Yes, they are, often (I), of the worst kind and that qualification has no Dutch connotation involved here; 2. No, they’re valuable and have a serious, very serious role to play, if they play it right like often (II) happens. This sort of discussion you can read back through my posts here.

Sure, there was, and is, much to improve qua meddling management. Take for example the span of control … When well-balanced, there’s insufficient time/room to micro-manage (or the one doing it will burn out; Darwinian selection) and there’s no blow-out due to overstretch (him again).
Or take the many strands on Leadership on the one hand and Supportive, Facilitating Foremen on the other. Like, this recent piece, in a way [read hard and you’ll find the way by the way], or this even further-reaching vista.

Now, we’re all eagerly awaiting Kristel Thieme‘s follow-on posts …

The three together, would make quite a case for management in the right way, right ..?

Net up, the Spanish Inquisition. First, still:

[I’ve been told that fat back sides are still in fashion. Why …!?!? as they are ugly as s…; this, in Amsterdam harbour (6th of Europe, still..?)]

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