Nikigai – How to four-way Venn and find your optimal life

… Yes dear reader that isn’t misspelled. Traditional Ikigai charts are incomplete as they aren’t proper four-way Venn diagrams.
Because the latter require all overlaps to be in the pic. Like, 4-way, all 3-way, and all 2-way overlaps. The latter, a Problem.


Where you can fill in the ‘…’ to your liking. And then find ways to move all that you just entered, towards the middle. Preferably over the ‘paid’ wing(s) if you can, or over the others, if you prefer to keep something strictly as a hobby.

But do note the lack of labelling of many (overlap) areas; those are the ones not (depicted or labelable now that I used it that is a word) in the original.

Have fun!

Maverisk / Étoiles du Nord