No surprises here; qua attribution

Is anyone surprised that apparently, “there’s traces of North-Korean involvement” in the WannaCry hiccup ..?
As yesterday’s post (below) already noted; no-one cares about WannaCry1.0 anymore hence ‘hiccup’. Has 2.0 come ’round already?
But how much repudiation by the North-Koreans would reach our general news …? So, how easy it is to blame the NKs for anything that goes wrong ..? Like,

Whereas, … Russia did claim it was also ‘hit’ by WC1.0 [oh the abbrev], but no damage ensued because they were able to stop it at the front door. Right. By lack of actual true snippets from 1600 Penn Ave, we now consider anything that comes out of Russia to be tru-er than what comes from DC, just like that ..? Because that would indeed leave ‘North Korea’ the only reasonably believable/unsurprising culprit.
On the other hand, the embedded tweet indicates Russia actually stole something. Until now, wasn’t it that the exploitable was leaked? Quite different … What is Russia’s involvement now, that those that have info of leakage only, don’t have intel on ..?

[Edited pre-press to add: there… ]

Oh, I’ll just leave it for you to ponder. And weep. And:

[Yes from that ridge, Gettysburg…]

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