No, you're hacked

OK, we have a couple of little things:

  • “It’s not if but when an organisation is hacked”
  • This leads to access to some of your personal data however innocious (or not)
  • Only a handful of your however innocious personal data is needed to identify you and/or take over your ID
  • Your personal data however innocious on the surface (sic) is with so many organisations.

Syllogically, ID theft will ruin your life, pretty soon.

Now you may counter that … blabla you’re not interesting enough (maybe, but how sure are you, and if you’re so clean your ID has value to the not-so-clean), it won’t happen to you because it hasn’t happened to you (yet, that’s the point) … et cetera.

But oh, you will be hit …

And with that positive reminder, this:


[If life were as simple as at once major global city Edam…]

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