Self-driving my a..uto mode

What was it; that car company we’ll call ‘T’ as we don’t want their lawyers’ badgering, claimed the EULA on the self-driving of their cars required the auto-mode to only to be allowed when on reasonably straight roads in reasonably light traffic with full oversight always.

Apart from that being no driving fun whatsoever, and no help whatsoever in ‘normal’ (other) conditions, I have a question: Why use the system at all, then, when already I have cruise control and Mk.1 eyeballs for such circumstances and do nothing but steer lightly ..!? What improvement from ‘steer lightly’ to ‘not steer at all but always be ready and alert to’..? You’ll never be allowed to text while driving or binge-watch ‘flix while in traffic jams anyway. Is that worth all the trouble, hassle, and hype ..?

No it isn’t. It’s more like ‘cybercrime insurance’ (#ditchcyber) – when you apply all rules, you don’t need cover (and have none for the risks accepted or new in the first place) / don’t get any help from auto-mode; if you don’t, you lose all cover period

So, better get better auto-mode, without the circumstances-requirements and without the EULA extortions. Or, drop the whole idea and get on a bus.

Which may also beget auto-mode… ;-|

Oh, and:
[“Look mummy no hands!” would really take out all the fun…; Baltimore thank you sir for not jumping on the green light to enable me to take this pic]

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