The ides of March

… aren’t today only, but are indicative of … well, a lot of what goes on in infosecland these days.
Who to trust, when your buddies and experts and both in ones, may carry knives or worse. Like, turning their your defenses against you behind your back. Like the Brutus’es and Ed S.’s did because their consciousness revived (true in both cases ..!), like the great many are doing without tipping you off already. Until it’s too late. And, in similar vein, how’zat for your backdoors built in ..?
But then, as long as you can sit there like a rabbit in the headlights … sleep now in the fire [insert appropriate link to RATM clip] because the Time Till Collapse may leave you less room for Après Nous la Déluge than ever before.

Just to wake you up, by the way; if you read the above as some kind of chagrain I may have achieved my aim of making you think beyond mere Mehhhh.
So, I’ll leave you with:
[Shifting politics, shifting alliances…]

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