Wired / Tired / Expired, December 2014 edition

[What a Domènech i Muntaner masterpiece! Slept there, (private!) dined there. Both highly recommendable… Check out Mas Passamaner]

Yes here’s the December edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag again. And, it will be the last in this form. Will switch to quarterly updates on what’s hot, and not. But then, still, for now:

IoT security IoT Big Data
Even Stuxnet reappears. And there’s so much more… [To add: links to earlier posts, or use the search function it’s there not for nothing.] Yeah, we get the basics. Meh, we get the point (being: the center of a donut).
AI Self-driving cars Data analytics
It’s here and everywhere, suddenly. U-turned out to be not so self-aware as perceived earlier… More like semi-preprogrammed. Bandwagon stuff already, moving through the Trough of Disillusionment
Lightweight organisations Agile/robust organisations Certification
The kind of start-up that hires just about every service except for in-house employees (well, but a few, to coordinate – and do the pivoting and discovery inside the coordinating). Sourcing from just anywhere; they don’t care to even know where the sweatshop (mind-)labour is. Trying to turn around ULCCs by enforcing agility and robustness … top-down, hierarchically, using KPIs and other must-achieve performance numbers. Instead of … you know. Oh hey, we’ve got this sheet of paper up in the hall, now we’re safe and secure against all that the chaos of the universe may throw at us!
Sinterklaas Zwarte Piet Santa
The gift giver. Hence our #1. I’m sucking up by not a small bit here. Need to. The good (sic) guy(s) doing all the execution for the CEO. The CEO may not be around in tomorrow’s organization… As in this. The obese commercial patsy. Pure construct, no history, no veracity, no value.
Normally healthy Boring life healthy Tattoos
Taking a serious but Get Real approach to losing weight, detoxing, being fit, all in one great little step by little step, shave-off rather than lump-off program of not changing too much but at all sides at the same time. Crazily slimming down, etc., not sustainable and then bouncing back; in the long term, unhealthy and very unhappy bunny. Huh, now try to get rid of your big Error of judgement. No takedown like your Fubbuk pics, right?
Fighting the New Mediocre New Mediocre Conservatism
When Mme. Lagarde speaks out, it is worthwhile to take note… as here. Well yeah, Mehhh is always out of style. By which I mean, the not wanting to allow anyone to do their thing and be happy. Because it may make oneself look stupid and old, which is self-reinforcing in this way. Change will happen whether one fears and not wants it or still.

OK, any suggestions for next quarter’s (!) edition ..?

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