Flooding at it again

Why is this Dutch piece even news, still …? Physical paper ‘data’ leakage, of highly sensitive information intell dare we say. Edited to add, this one (also unreadable to most).

a. No we may not; b/c that is reserved for serious cases not trivia [on a non-trivial scale]
b. Yes we may, but still, why is this newsworthy?
c. Because it isn’t. It’s just flooding. Edited to add, the problem is Huge, as per this Bruce Schneier insight i.e. Truth.

The c. part is the tricky one. On the one hand, dismissing the ‘news’ as being nothing newsworthy, superfluous reporting of trivia. On the other, apparently still necessary.
Necessary that is, to point out that mistakes will always be made. Keep things fresh, even. Otherwise, 1. slacking off will happen, 2. progress will never be made.

I’ll stop now, to not add to the blurb. With:

[Sleep tight; Torun]

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