Off goes your home security camera; in a blink

Turns out we don’t even need smart kids to pull this one off – just smart activists. As exepelainifyed here (also in the comments), there are numerous ways to throw (e.g., home security) surveillance cameras off-guard or rather, off-line qua function. Not needing to get close with a spray can anymore, but like firearms replaced hand to hand battle (not mano al mano), so your plastic doorbell gets wrecked remotely.

Surprising no-one, I guess, of the ones who pay attention in the way of knowing that technology will fail. Surprising all that it’s this easy. Somehow, also it’s comparable with throwing off your servant-to-the-lazy-as-dead, like here. [If you have use for these, you might as well take yourself out of the gene pool before polluting the planet to pieces.]

Both issues pointing at the human weakness, of mind. So often setting too many limitations and requirements, so often setting too little of both. Let’s hope Technology (this kind) doesn’t find out (it will) or we’re all doomed before we humanity have destroyed life on earth anyway. Again raising the question: when we will with certainty do the latter, shouldn’t we ensure that the Big S metasystem can take over, not needing traditional generational ‘life’ anymore ..?

Oh well. This:

[Zero reason for using this pic. But it’s nice qua graphics. Just like your dysfunctional home security system. Baltimore of course.]

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