Turning, not their pages

There was a moment of hesitance when I saw this self-post (selpie?) of s/o who had just graduated in this self-proclaimed (sic) glitz bizz Master program as if it were a sign of success achieved instead of a life of toil would be ahead before any ‘success’ (probably empty; your last clothes (at the pealy gate(s)) don’t have pockets) could be claimed if actual success would be claimable or self-defeating, from a university named after someone Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very famous for pointing out the futility of such behaviour.

Which made me think: There are many great universities, with many Great founders or name-givers (posthumus of not) out there … how would those Original Giants of thought, reflect on today’s graduates’ moral and ethical content and virtues ..?

Yes you see where this is heading. No, not towards Goldielocks syndrome. I have two ‘alma maters’ – the second being a true one, the first every now and then desperately (…) presenting itself as such, showing to be desparate for a (the right) reason); failing on the general education side. And on the particular education side, wholesale. And on their uni administration capability, ditto.

No, this is about the general over the particular. Can one(s) somehow force unis to protect and further the moral and ethical heritage of their namesakes ..? Why not ..? Perversion of society, maybe ..?

Now I know I know not where this post is going … Plus:

[Went over the hill, is now anonymus; Toronto]

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