Wired / Tired / Expired, October 2014 edition

DSCN6765[Ah, what a pleasant fortress! Córdoba]

Yes here’s the October edition of my Wired / Tired / Expired jargon watch overviews, a mixed bag again:

Stealthy introductions Gartner Hype Cycles Apple Product (Launch) Events
Let the products speak for themselves, let them grow organically around the globe, don’t try in vein (sic) to go viral or so. Be happy with moderate growth as it will be sustainable so much, much longer. Don’t believe this hype … Will have a separate post on this in the near future. Nothing new; all hyped and epiphany only for the fast-shrinking few simpleton acolytes left…
Smart analysis integrated into regular audits Process Analysis Big Data
Like, let the process analysis take its place in the Understanding the Business part of any audit. No craze, just helpful in all sorts of directions (including early-on advisory work). For it’s own sake, no more. Not accepted, not acceptable anymore. Meh. If less than a yottabyte, not it. Tools in place, again the other 99.9999% of work to be done is human; which is not available in sufficiently intelligent, sufficiently large numbers. Hence, fails beyond the tiniest of anecdotal finds.
InfoSec groundswell / tsunami Hyping APTs, megaleaks RO(S)I, ISO, et al.
No more top-down, just bottom-up, by guerilla even if needed, but with a desperate need to improve by all (not granted) means and authorizations necessary. Doing, not waiting (not) to be allowed. Oh my! The Sky Is Falling! No more. APTs are still around, yes, vastly more than ever before; megaleaks of the data breach kind and of the Snowden kind, ditto. But nobody listens anymore so why dwell on these? Ah, the passé methods of yesteryears… Didn’t work. Didn’t fit with InfoSec, do still fit with corporate policy but who cares; if there’s no match, nothing will result. If you still try to match, also nothing (serious in InfoSec terms) will result.
3rd Platform Software Defined BYOD/CYOD
Where the first was Mainframes, the second one Client/Server. Now // Just a way to cement the bricks of your architecture. Well, there’s so much work in here if one’d want to do this right but few! the effort, I don’t want to think of this too much. Done deal. BYOD; CYOD’s not going to fly (discussed earlier, somewhere on this site; use the search, Luke!).
Ello Snapchat Whatsapp
Well, qua hype. Otherwise, very very maybe still Nice ‘n quick, but has it gained enough traction ..? Even your old, 30+ relatives use it now. If (dinosaur) Then (expired).
Ideate Empathy UX
Being creative and coming up with new ideas, needed its separate buzzword. Well, maybe. Will age quickly I guess. Yes all companies still need it, but none have a clue. Here I was wondering what all these flimsy design-types had to do with Unix. Turns out, it’s user experience – above good design, but stumbling till you accidentally hit something good, isn’t It. Has never been. But is; expired.
Don’t care about illegal downloads Chase the most petty, pityful of “illegal” downloaders only Push a U2 album
Just because your business model doesn’t depend on levying silly huge distribution costs. You know, trying to wring millions out of the poor that otherwise would not buy scrap from you, while you know the damages are 99.999% into the lawyer’s pockets only. Ah, the FAIL …! This deserves a (cultural) backlash flogging by the billions (yes) that weren’t interested…
Locally produced, biodynamic even but without the zeal Super foods Don’t Care
Yes one can eat/drink healthily but don’t need the fanatism. Just somewhat less, quite a bit healthier produced (full supply chain including externalities), and varied. Quod non; as proven over and over again. After so many, many failed attempts, don’t numbly try again; you’ll fail for sure. Eating all the preservatives and sweeteners, too much of it all, just isn’t ‘permissible’ anymore.
Decently colourful Normcore bland Grey all the way
Yes even in Fall/Autumn, there’s many colours (not colors) that fit the season and are cheerful and bright. It already looks formless, has the colours to match: Why? Duh, that was last year’s one big great miss without purpose.

OK, any suggestions for next month’s edition ..?

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