Postdictions 2014-III

A progress report on the Predictions 2014 I made in several posts here, at the end of Q3.
I gathered some evidence, but probably you have much more of that re the items below. Do please raise your hand / comment with links; I’ll attribute my sources ;-]

First, of course, a picture:

[Iron fist, not often seen (by tourists anyway), Pistoia]
So, there they are, with the items collected from several posts and already updated once and twice before in this:

Trust Well, there’s this, and this on the financial penalties of trusting your assurance provider…
Identity See previous re the value of certificates. Otherwise, not much news this quarter.
Things The hackability of all sorts of home appliances has already become some sort of Mehhh… And apparently, there’s a spin-off in the IoBT …?
And there’s progress in the auxiliary channels/architectures… as here and here.
Social Not much. Some Ello bits, though. And more in the AI arena, as this shows.
Mobile Has gone to the Expired phase.
Analytics Wow, this one’s moving into the Through of Disillusionment quickly! Now get it to jump out at the other hand, as quickly.
Cloud Mehhh, indeed. May be in the Through of Disillusionment, or has gone into been there, done the grit work, no-one’s interested anymore.
Demise of ERP, the Turns out it’s very hard to fill vacancies in this arena, isn’t it? Due to the boredom to death surrounding them.
InfoSec on the steep rise Even if we haven’t seen enough on this!

On APTs: Only the most interesting hack attacks get into the news these days. Turns out they’re all this kind.
On certification vulnerabilities: In hiding. Still there. Ssssht, will hit. Suddenly.
On crypto-failures, in the implementations: Not much; passé.
On quantum computing: – still not too much –
On methodological renewal; as it was: Some progress here and there, but no ✓ yet.
Deflation of TLD See second link of Trust; Fourth line didn’t work, even.
Subtotal Already, with the previous follow-ups, clearly over 80% as we speak, when discounting for some fall-back here and there.

The faint of heart wouldn’t necessarily want to speak the bold characters out loud.
See you at the end of the year ..!

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