Postdictions 2014-II

A progress report on the Predictions 2014 I made in several posts here, at the end of Q2.

First, of course, a picture:
[New then, outdated now, La Défense]

So, there they are, with the items collected from several posts and already updated once before in this:

Trust Bitcoin may be in this corner, covering a lot of this subject [edited to add: it’s now legal in California ..!]. Also, Heartbleed pointed out our dependency on ‘anyone but us’ in actually checking/testing open source software like OpenSSL, and the trust placed in the great many low-level bits and pieces that make up ‘the’ Internet (connections).
[After publishing, I’ll cross-post my ISSA Journal column on this, as a post] —> [Here it is]
Identity Facebook allowing anonymous (fake) identities. Users deleting posts from socmed, and switching to ephemeral messaging (Snapchat et al.). The European Court ordering Google to delete histories at request. (The semantics of) identity proceeds to being manageable…
Things Moving into a focus, vanguard of Sensors. And the Glass successors are surfacing. Earables here …
Social Movement all around; with a focus on privacy as in my May 30th post.
Mobile See Things.
Analytics Wow, this one’s moving into the Through of Disillusionment quickly! Now get it to jump out at the other hand, as quickly.
Cloud Mehhh, indeed. Still. The focus shifts towards actual security implementations, and control over that. On the Slope of Enlightenment, I’d say.
Demise of ERP, the Dude, these platforms aren’t even audited otherwise than by the most boring of boring routines – anyone interested in things other than pure dry deadwood, are working on other things.
InfoSec on the steep rise Even if we haven’t seen enough on this!

On APTs: We’ve seen Heartbleed come. And not go. This being just a mere incident, incidental symptom…
On certification vulnerabilities: See the previous. Check.
On crypto-failures, in the implementations: Some minor Bitcoin stuff, not too much else.
On quantum computing: – still not too much –
On methodological renewal; as it was: I blogged about this (re Rebooting CIA and OSTMM). Some progress here and there, but no ✓ yet.
Deflation of TLD Really out of sight even in the most dull accountant’s circles.
Subtotal Already clearly over 80% as we speak, when discounting for some fall-back here and there.

The faint of heart wouldn’t necessarily want to speak the bold characters out loud.
See you at the end of Q3 ..!

[In repeat, to add:]
Missed in the predictions ahead of time, but still worthwhile to watch: Google’s move towards banking via Gmail … as per this story, as commented ‘ere.

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