Pwds, again. And again and again. They’re 2FA-capable ..!

Why are we still so spastic re password ‘strength’ rules ..?

They have been debunked as being counterproductive outright, right? Since they are too cumbersome to deal with, and are just a gargleblaster element in some petty arms’ race with such enourmous collateral damage and ineffectiveness.

And come on, pipl! The solution has been there all along, though having been forbidden just as long …:
Write down your passphrases! The loss of control by having some paper out there, e.g., on your (Huh? Shared workspace, BYOD anyone?) monitor (Why!? Why not have the piece of paper in your wallet; most users will care for their money and those that don’t, miss some cells due to the same you wouldn’t want them at your workplace anyway) is minute, certainly compared to the immense increase in entropy gains i.e., straight-out security gains.
And … when you keep your written-down pwd to yourself (e.g., against this sort of thing), it becomes the same thing any physical token is and you created your own Two Factor Authentication without any investment other than the mere org-wide system policy setting change of requiring pwds of at least, say, 25 characters. (And promulgating this but that shouldn’t be too hard; opportunity to show to make life easier for end users, for once, and great opportunity for collateral instructions on (behavioural) infosec in general…)

What bugs me is that alreay a great string of generations have been led astray while all along the signs were on the wall – not the passwords on them, but the eventual inevitable collapse of the system, by users that demonstrated this security measure was too impractical to stick to par excellence as evidenced in the still-strong and practiced practice of writing down pwds. If people do some specific thing despite decades of instruction … might we consider the instruction to not fit the humans’ daily operations ..? so the ones seeking to Control [what pityful failures, those ones …; ed.] will have to rescind?

So, written-down passphrases it is. Plus:
[Easy sailing to new lands, beats being stuck on Ellis; NY]

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