Seth’s maybe slightly too positive

In one of his, almost always delightful and insightful blog posts, Seth Godin recently almost pulled me along into (yet another) “Yes indeed completely so” response.
But then I realised Truth might just tilt the picture a bit.

Well, first read said post: here. Then:

The point is: It is a common human error (e.g., by Hegel in particular (see below), and many others with better insights) to consider oneself or one’s generation(s) as being the pinnacle of human development; no generation or time before had seen such beauty of humanity’s glory in masterty of the universe.
But others agree less. Yes, there’s something that seems to be progress, but fallbacks are just as common throughout history, on all fronts. Yes, also in technology, as we even today haven’t quite figured out how pyramids were built, etc. – one source here of which I have no clue about the veracity of argument, but others having more (or less) of that, are widely available. But certainly in terms of general human condition and human peace and quiet, and possibly a piece of the rock.
So the resulting picture is maybe sawtooth (ratchet) shaped, around a horizontal line… Usually, I think for this area, too, some punctuated equilibrium kind of random (sic) or even silly walk figure is better representative.

Oh, and regarding Hegel’s eternal march towards Ratio glory, here (read past the pic please…) and here. No belief on authority.

For your patience:
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[Yes, yes, technically hardly Porto but Villanova de Gaia. Meh.]

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